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Take Advantage of Winter
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The cold, snowy weather has seemed to hit most of the U.S. this winter.  Instead of being lazy (which is sometimes nice to do), take advantage of it as prime wedding planning/preparation time.  
Where I live (New York City) we are expecting extremely cold weather this weekend.  I actually love being forced to stay in, during the winter.  I feel like I get so busy the rest of the year running here and there and trying to be super productive, its nice to have to stay in because of the cold. It is also an excellent time to knock some things off your wedding to-do list such as invitations, guest list, searching for ideas on-line, making a DJ/band song list, etc.  It feels so rewarding to be able to cross things off a list.  

Another activity I am looking forward to during my hibernation weekends is cooking.  I love trying new recipes, and I always try to make everything as healthy and with as many nutrients as possible.  I have dress fittings coming up so its also kind of necessary.  There are plenty of healthy cooking blogs on the internet that have some delicious recipes that are wedding dress friendly.  Some of my favorite sites are:
It give you a chance to practice your wifely duties by cooking, and it would even be fun if you did it with your fiancee (even if you have to teach them, its a skill you can benefit from sometimes).

In addition to my wedding planning and cooking, I also use this as a chance to get some quality gym time in.  Trying new gym classes can always be entertaining, beneficial, and also wedding dress friendly.  Try something you have never done before such as spinning, pilates, yoga, zumba, or kickboxing.  Don't forget to have fun though!  

 Don't forget to allow some "you" time though to relax and read a favorite book or catch up on a favorite TV show.  During stressful or busy periods its necessary to allow some moments to do what you enjoy, otherwise you could burn out.


  • martinsmithBy martinsmith 602 Days Ago
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    it is very important to know whether the DJ can handle this part or if you will have to ask someone to step in.
  • andy15By andy15 1693 Days Ago
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    ya i agree with you as snowy weather allow us to make our plannings and also it is the time when we can give more time to our family members or loved ones. wedding in winter can be great idea as flower girls dresses are for every season.
  • daniel_smithBy daniel_smith 1803 Days Ago
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    I would extend this further and say, take advantage of every occasion where you can spend time with your near and dear ones. Time goes on marching past, never to return. Hence do not spend an innate amount of time on mundane everyday chores and your job alone. Your profession is a means to an end, not an end in itself.


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