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a Kiddo-Free Wedding Guest List?
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Stirring the Family Drama Pot #2 - You’d really rather have a “kiddo-free” wedding, but that is freaking your sister, mother of three beautiful, but rambunctious, children, out. (She cannot BELIEVE you’re considering not having nephews at your wedding!) 

First of all, you are not a bad person for feeling like to don’t want kids at your wedding. For some weddings, depending the atmosphere that you want to create, it just doesn’t work. (Plus, you’re probably not super excited about the idea of paying for $40 reception-hall kids’ plate chicken fingers.) So, one way to respond to your guests concerns, once they figure out you have not invited their sweet-peas to your big day, is to say this: “You deserve a break and a night away from the kids! Use my wedding as a good excuse for it - I want you to be able to eat without having to worry about cutting someone else’s meat! I want you to be able to drink a couple of glasses of wine without worrying about how much high-fructose corn syrup is in the kiddie cocktails! Please, do yourself the favor of getting a sitter so you can slow dance with your husband without a 5 year old hanging on your butt, wondering if he can play Angry Birds on your phone.” If you have a lot of unhappy parents wondering what the heck they are going to do with their angels, consider organizing having one home where they can drop the kids off at with one or two hired babysitters - the parents can all pitch in to pay the sitters for the evening, OR if you are really feeling generous, work it into your wedding budget. Hopefully they’ll realize the kids WILL have more fun that way, and once the moms realize they can actually dust off and use the cute clutch that’s been hiding under the diaper bags, they will too. 

Sincerely, Rev. Anne Styx, Chicagoland's "The Rev For Whatev"


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