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WedSpace.com is a revolutionary new website
where brides can connect with other couples, guests and local vendors and share photos, videos, blogs, events, articles and so much more.

WedSpace.com is FREE for brides, grooms and guests
Connect with others, pick your own URL, search for vendors and enjoy all the features of WedSpace.com at no cost.

WedSpace.com Features:
  • Find and connect with other couples like you
  • Invite your wedding guests, family, friends and your wedding vendors to join you on WedSpace
  • Create a beautiful wedding journal to share your love story and wedding details with all your friends and family
  • Ask questions and express your opinion by creating your own Blog, Forums, Polls and Articles
  • Upload, view, post comments and rate Photos, Videos & Music
  • Get together with others who share similar interests with WedSpace Groups
  • Check out local events in your area or create your own
  • Search for wedding vendors in your local area
  • Video Chat with other couples, your guests and wedding party or interview wedding vendors online


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